ICU Server - Easy 8MP Cellular Trail Camera

ICU Server - Easy 8MP Cellular Trail Camera

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ICU Easy 8MP Cellular Trail camera

Featuring 55 degrees lens | 0.3 seconds trigger time | 4G/LTE Cellular Network (Sim card imbedded) and can be used worldwide | Photo and video Recording stored on SD Card | Weatherproof (-20c to +60c) | 6 IR Power LEDs (940nm) | Day & Night Mode | Versatile Battery fitting (Fits 12 x Std AA Batteries or 6 x 18650 Lithium Ion batteries).

1 Year Free Subscription with every camera - Supplied with 4,000 coins (equivalent to the average annual requirement of an ICU Server customer).

Plug & Play easy installation

Runtime up to 4 months with 18650 lithium-ion batteries

Easy to use mobile-app

4G reception

Day & night

30m flash illumination

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